Sunday Service Responsibilities

**Please arrive on Sundays by 3:45.

Outside Signs

1. First, please set up the four CTKS sidewalk signs, which are stored in the downstairs closet: one in front of the church on Elm Street, one at the Y-split of Elm St and Summer St, and one by each Davis T-stop (it will probably be easiest to throw those in the backseat of a car, and have one driver and one sign setter-upper).

2. Please place the CTKS banner over the Responsible Grace sign facing Elm Street and secure on the four corners using bungee cords.


1. Tables: While two people are setting up signs, one person can bring one small folding table and the plastic CTKS foyer storage bin up from the downstairs closet. For the table already set up, please place all the objects under the table and replace the white tablecloth with the tan tablecloth found in the foyer storage bin.

Please set up the grey CTKS table against the back wall across from the other table. Please take a tan tablecloth from the CTKS plastic bin containing and set it over that table, and set the plastic dishes and napkins for snacks on that table. Please place the bins brought up from downstairs under this table until after the service.

2. Please set the high-top round tables on each side of the front double-doors and place the CTKS King’s Kids materials and worship guides on the top.

3. Please place worship guides on the part of the table closest to the center door of the sanctuary, and also on the high-top round tables.

4. The large glass jar of ice water is brought from home by the Richters (or, in their absence, by the Van Norstrands). Please fill the large glass jar with ice water. Set the ice water and coffee to the right of the table. Please set coffee cups and plastic cups nearby.

5. Please set up the laminated signs, found in the foyer storage bin, and stick them to the walls to direct people accordingly (Ladies room down to the left, mens’ room down to the right, King’s Kids down to the left, nursing mothers upstairs to the left).

6. Please set the trash cans against the stairs near the snack area. Please make sure there are bags for the trash can. If there are not, they can be found in the downstairs kitchen.


1. Please make sure the sanctuary looks neat and orderly when upon arrival and if necessary clean up (throw garbage away, put books/bibles in the backs of pews, etc).

2. Please insert the CTKS connection cards (found in the foyer bin) in the card slots on the backs of the pews, one or two cards per slot.


**Please arrive by 4:15.

1. First, check if there are any visitors already sitting in the sanctuary. If there are, please introduce yourself.

2. Please warmly welcome everyone who comes in, visitor or regular attender. Please shake their hand and introduce yourself. Please be as natural as possible. Take an interest in getting to know the person as much as they are comfortable letting you.

3. Please hand them a worship guide or direct them to take one from the table behind you.

4. Please be ready to ask questions about where restrooms are, where children go, where nursing mothers can go. If you do not know this information, please contact Matt.

5. Please stay in the front/foyer until the first or second congregational song (after the Call to Worship).


Please have a brief meeting with the other communion servers for that service to determine who will be on the right and left sides. Please have two people on each side, and determine one to hold the bread, and one to hold the wine tray.

When the minister concludes the words of institution (and/or calls up the communion servers), the communion servers should go forth to their determined place.

Bread server:

Please do not touch the bread, but hold the napkin around it. Please keep enough bread outside the napkin for someone to tear off a piece.

Please say to those tearing off bread, “the body of Christ,” or, “the body of Christ broken for you,” or “the body of Christ for you,” etc. The bread-server on the left side should also be holding the white bowl of gluten-free bread.

Wine/juice server:

Please note that the row separated on one side is grape juice. Please hold the tray steady and with both hands. Please say to those taking cups, “the blood of Christ,” or “the blood of Christ, shed for you,” or, “the blood of Christ for you,” or, “the blood of Christ shed for the forgiveness of sins,” etc.

The communion servers on the left side (band side) should make sure those playing music are served bread and wine/juice.


Every Sunday, we will have one person assigned as security during the service. After the service begins, please lock the side entrance down the stairs near the women’s bathroom. Please stay in the foyer or sit in the back pew during the service. Please greet anyone who comes in after the service has started, and assist them to find a seat. If necessary, explain that we are having a church service and sit with the visitor.

Please check on the children’s worship leaders at least once during the service to see if they have any concerns. If any new visitors are around, please engage them in conversation.

Please be ready to respond should anyone ask for money for food or transportation. We have Market Basket gift cards and MBTA passes, and there is a Subway and Schwarma Place restaurants across the street. Please use discernment should this situation arise and please feel free to involve others from the church in this conversation.

Please be ready to respond if anyone becomes disruptive during the service. Please use discernment should this situation arise.


After the service:


1. On weeks when Communion is taken, please dispose of the bread and wine however you deem most appropriate (eating and drinking or pitching in the trash). Please clean the dishes (trays, bread plate, bowl for gluten-free bread) in the kitchen sink downstairs and place all the communion materials back into the Communion bin.

2. Please collect all the CTKS connection cards and place them in the foyer bin.

3. Please throw away or recycle all trash.


1. Please take the dishes used for snacks downstairs, clean and dry them (please do not take them home to be cleaned).

2. Please take the plastic CTKS foyer bin from underneath the table. Please place in this bin:

  • all the snack dishes
  • both tablecloths
  • plastic water cups
  • coffee cups
  • laminated signs on the walls
  • King’s Kids materials in the foyer
  • connection cards from the sanctuary

Please take the bin to our storage closet downstairs.

3. Please throw away or recycle all trash. Please remove the trash bag and dispose of it in the trash can outside at the back of the church (facing Russell Street). Replace the trash bag for the trash can in the foyer (Bags are usually left at the bottom of the trash can. If not there, look in the kitchen downstairs. If one cannot be found, leave it without a trash bag.) The recycling can be taken to a recycle bin. If one cannot be found, please take it home to recycle.


1. Please take down the CTKS banner off the sign facing Elm Street. Roll the sign up and place it in storage in a place where it will not be smashed or creased. Please place the bungee cords on top of a CTKS bin in the storage closet downstairs.

2. Please collect the four CTKS sidewalk signs: one in front of the church on Elm Street, one at the Y-split of Elm St and Summer St, and one by each Davis T-stop (it will probably be easiest to throw those in the backseat of a car, and have one driver and one sign collector). Please place them in our storage closet downstairs.



Please email Matt Owens with any questions.