Discipleship at CTKS

In a culture that is hyper-busy, disconnected, relationally isolated, and often very lonely, we at CTKS envision a community where our men, women, couples, singles, and children are moving together in unity toward deeper relationships with one another and Christ.  We hope to be transparent, be growing, and be joyful as our faith informs our daily steps.  CTKS offers a variety of opportunities for people in different life stages to study, pray, meet one-on-one, and share life together as we become more rooted and built up in our love for God, and grow in care for our friends, our community, and our city.  To learn more about discipleship at CTKS, please contact: 

Paige Van Norstrand - Director of Women's Discipleship

David Richter - Lead Minister & Director of Men's Discipleship

Christine Stone - Director of Children's Ministry